Owing to the disastrous damage that  Abaco suffered from Hurricane Dorian, Regatta Time in Abaco, must be cancelled for this year. The RTIA  committee members, like others in the central Abaco area, are working to reconstruct their businesses and personal lives. The massive destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian will take years to overcome.
We would emphasize that while the Marsh Harbour commercial center was hit the hardest, the offshore cays are returning to previous levels of activity although at less than their previous five-star service.
Individuals wishing to visit Abaco either by boat or air are welcome and will find acceptable accommodations in the cays. However, planning an organized event for this summer is beyond our present capabilities.
We thank all those who participated in past years, both sailors and those who followed the activities at our shore facilities. As Abaco recovers, activities for our visitors will be planned and Abaco’s reputation as the sailing capital of The Bahamas will continue. 
On behalf of the RTIA committee
David Ralph, Commodore
Ruth Saunders, Coordinator





To our many friends who have enjoyed summer activities on Abaco

Regatta Time In Abaco

RTIA schedule

Hope Town to guana - race 3

Sail from Hope Town to Guana Cay. Race starts at 1100 hours

Awards Party at Grabbers Bar & Grill

Hope Town - race 2

Sail in Hope Town. Race starts at 1100 hours

Awards Party at Hope Town Harbour Lodge



Guana to treasure cay - race 4

Sail from Great Guana Cay to Treasure Cay. Race starts at 1100 hours.

Awards Party at Treasure Cay - Coco Beach Bar



marsh harbour to Hope Town - race 1

Sail from Marsh Harbour to Hope Town. Race starts at 1100 hours

Awards Party at Hope Town Inn and Marina



green turtle cay - race 5

Triangle race in the Sea of Abaco off Green Turtle Cay. Race begins at 1100 hours. Opening Awards Party to Bluff House, GTC

RTIA 2020

Regatta Time in abaco

abaco race week