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The 2017 Regatta Time in Abaco Race Committee understands that it takes a lot of preparation to race in a week long regatta.  We have put together some information to help skippers and crew prepare for the logistics of the 2017 Regatta Time in Abaco the week of June 22nd 2017.

RTIA Logistics

 The 2017 RTIA Entry Form is now available as a .pdf and available for download.  All crews not from the Bahamas will need a to fill out Customs and Immigration forms when entering the country.  As a helpful tool, The Islands of the Bahamas has put together a Boating and Fishing guide to visitors.   This guide gives boaters a great guide for entry into the Bahamas, boating and fishing guidelines as well as a list of marinas and their amenities in the Abacos.  The Bahamas Tourism site also gives information about getting the Abacos, as well as flight information (for your crew), ferry information for getting around the islands and more general information for your visit.

The 2017 Regatta Time in Abaco Race Committee are working hard to make the 40th Anniversary of Regatta Time in Abaco, the best week of racing they can.  Check back for the 2017 Sailing Instructions, Tide Charts and  Questionnaire.